My Friends – Elena richtet einige Worte an uns

My friends, today we had another photo session, with an autumn theme. It was nice for us making it, but we did not made it for fun…the truth is that we really need these dogs to be adopted! The adoptions dropped out lately and the winter is coming….It is alreaddy very cold outside and in the night it is sometimes freezing. It is a very hard life for the puppies and for the small adults , for the old and skinny dogs. The Ps has around 700 dogs but you all know that if the adoptions drop the problem of euthanasia will rise again as it did in Suceava… please help us reduce the number of the dogs from Ps until winter came….help these dogs be home for Christmas…please help out the puppies! I will make separate albums for all dogs so you can share them, but please help us out with good homes for these babies.

Der Winter naht – alle diese Hunde brauchen ein Zuhause – bitte helft mit, dass sie ein Heim bekommen