965 Adoption aus dem Public Shelter Botosani in 2015

My friends,
in the year that passed we gave for adoption in Europe 985 dogs from the public shelter of Botosani and from the streets of Botosani. Considering the Ps has a number between 600 and 800 dogs we gave for adoption in one year more then a full PS (public shelter).

We could not have done this without your help, and we thank you all for this!

Since the law of killing was voted in Botosani not a single dog was killed, and this thank to you. Since the new shelter was build not a single dog starved, and this because you donated for their food.

Without your help we would be nothing, without your help we would be forced seing our dogs put to sleep in front of us and being unable to save them.

Please don’t abandon us for the years to come! Please keep in mind that all these dogs are alive now and with a chance to be adopted because you helped us! Please continue donating for their food , they need huge quantities everyday. please keep sharing, so we can find homes for these beauties ♥ Please offer an foster ore adoption place for a dog in your home.

If you want to see the last year in images there is the video that Elena made and that shows you all our work for 2015.

10 Minuten Video – es lohnt sich zu schauen

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100 Alben
1000 gerettete Welpen

Elena und 2 Puppies