visiting PS Suceava

Elena Cardas, Triovet und Cris waren heute in Suceava. Elena berichtet:

today in the middlle of the day we went to Suceava in the PS. There member from Proanima NGO was there. We talked with Aiina and the situation is this: the shelter has 2 big parts: the old shelter and the new shelter, every part with 500 places for adults. Puppies, who are a lot ( for example today from 9 dogs catch 17 was puppies between 3 weeks and 2 months old) stay in a separate cage where is a lot of parvo and because they not had vaccines, food, treatament for puppies, the vets of the PS do euthanasia to the first signs of illness.. in tthis way, even they catch 250 new dogs, the reality is only 50 are adults with big chances to survive. In this moment it is a contract wih the city Hall from Suceava , like in Botosani, to not do eutanasaia to the dogs so much time they will care by dogs. The probem is until in 31 March 2016 Proaniama must to make adoptions or relocate 500 dogs from 1000, because the od shelter isn’t authorizated and the Mayour wants to distroy it. In this spirit, the vet Maxim was employee by City Hall for go there and for see dogs. I meet personaly vet Maxim in Suceava shelter. I saw him a little bit nervouse because our surpise and he confirmed : if the NGO not increase the number of dogs from 1000 to 500, He will be authorizated to do euthanasia for so many dogs will be necessaire. It will be administrative action. Until in March his job is to visit every day the dogs.( There work now 2 vets of Proanima NGO and another vet of the City Hall Suceava so the vet Maxim and his whife is vet nr 4 and 5 !). The dogs look well, well feed, many of they was castrated adn they looks calm and happy in theyr cages with strow.
We saved today 38 small puppies but our heards was brokened because we lets behind us many many other puppies who are damned to die very soon. It’s all we can do in this moment and we need your help for feed this puppies, vaccines, adoptions…

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dogs in Suceava PS. this old part must to be disapear until in MArch 2016. If Proanima NGO not do this, the City Hall signed an contract with vet MAxim to do this in administrative way. ( to euthansiate 500 dogs or how much will be necessaire )

Elenas Video von einigen Hunden

the new shelter for 500 lucky dogs: Video